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tenth bubble; video/action for goldenrod. BACKDATED TO THE 21ST.

Hi, everyone! So, tomorrow is a really important day! It's the twenty-second, which Sollux picked out at his human birthday, because of course he'd pick the twenty-second day of the second month. [ That's said with no small amount of amusement, really. ]

So, if you're a friend of his and happen to be in the Goldenrod area tomorrow, you are cordially invited to a little dinner party! Just let me know if you're interested and I'll be sure to send you the time and location details. There will be cake and excellent company, so I assure you it'll be a good time. And if you're not in the area be sure to tell him happy birthday!

Thank you!

[ And here's the link for those who need it! ]
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Um... I don't know him, but tell him I said Happy Birthday anyway?

And how did he pick his birthday? I never got to pick mine! That isn't fair...
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Wait, wait, wait. Are you saying you aren't human?

[Is that even possible? She's never met anyone who isn't human before- well, besides these Pokemon now, but... still!]
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[Oh wow. She really wasn't expecting to hear that at all! She isn't scared by it though, mostly just fascinated. Well alright, a little intimidated, but not in a bad way!]

Really? What were you before you got turned into a human? Were you a whale?

[She asks because where she's from, whales are kind of a big deal. Big, mysterious creatures. Some people say they're magical. Their oil is definitely used for a lot of things, and their bone charms and runes are supposed to be good luck, and they're said to be magical, too.]
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A... a troll from another planet? Can you tell me more? What did you look like? What was your planet like? I didn't even know it was possible for there to be things from other planets!

Wait, are you serious? [Now the excitement is turning into mild skepticism.] This seems kind of too awesome to be true... You're not just telling stories, are you?