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♈ aradia megido is maid of time ♈ ([personal profile] timelymaid) wrote2013-09-08 02:38 pm

seventeenth bubble; text.

for those of you who knew sollux captor and equius zahhak
they both went home recently
this has been an update to the state of that
if you have pokemon from either in your care do let me know please
thank you

[ ...She feels bad just leaving it at that, so she goes on to what has been taking up most of her free time, especially with the continued departures. ]

also the museum is open once again if anyone wanted to go see it :o
i mean i dont know if anyone was planning to do so but i personally kind of was
and have been to see it in fact
despite the fact it got robbed i think its rather in good condition and its pretty much everything i wanted
i wonder if theyre hiring
waitressing isnt bad but working at a museum would be the best thing ever probably
and you never know unless you ask right?

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