Dec. 3rd, 2013

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Hi! This is Aradia Megido (and I'm typing like this because this is business-related). You've probably already seen the news about Saber, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that the Breeding Centre has had some restructuring. Specifically, I am now in charge of it! I suppose those of you who bought recently may have noticed that part. So please make sure to contact me if you require us in any way, or of course any of our fabulous employees!

On which note I'd like to say that we are currently hiring for both our Goldenrod and Celadon branches. Celadon in particular could use some more manpower! We also have some positions for travelling trainers available.

In terms of things you ought to know about the Breeding Centre regarding working there, there are a great many rooms available in either branch for employees to live in (boarders are also accepted, though). The base salary for entry-level jobs is now 850P an hour, and we do actually need some non-entry level folks around, admittedly. Promotions and raises are things that exist, as is an employee discount.

If you're interested, just contact me either here or via private voicemail or whatever you like! I can't do in person interviews outside of Ecruteak until the holidays are over, but I'm usually reachable via gear.

Also, off that topic and more on the topic of the holiday, we're doing two promotions this month! First, any points gained from a purchase will be doubled. And second, for the rest of December we're also going to be having a "buy one get one free" promotion for eggs - the free egg will be the lesser-priced one, and any of the ones marked as being unavailable for the newbie deal aren't eligible for being the free one, but otherwise there's no limitation on that.

haha typing like that is harder than you would think
i feel much more at home like this
anyway i am going to go have more cake now :o
i just wanted to get this sorted!!

[ There's also a link to a sort of employee website where one could apply, potentially. ]

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