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[ Aradia's pretty clearly somewhere busy - the breeding convention, day 2, as it happens! - when the image goes live. She'll just give the gear a bright smile before starting up. ]

Hey! I've got...three things? Yes, three things today! The first one is pretty obvious. [ But she'll spin the gear around to catch sight of the booth and eggs and her compatriots at the booth at that point in time. ] We've got a booth at the convention, and if you're not in Goldenrod, I've attached a list of what we have to offer! Just in case.

The second one is sort of related! I don't know how many of you know Sollux Captor - tallish, likes blue and red, he types with double I's and swaps twos for s's - but! As it happens he's also really, really good at coding! And because he's also really helpful when he wants to be, he's made a pretty nifty application, which you can download at the end of this transmission. To summarize it, it's a spreadsheet-type thing that allows you to enter your roster - or at least anyone you feel like entering - so anyone else with that application could view it. I admittedly just asked him to make it for me so I'd have an easier time keeping track of ours, but I mentioned it to a few people who seemed interested, so why not? There was a lot of collaboration for this convention, if booths are anything to go by, so I think some people might find it useful!

Entering your roster doesn't mean you have to agree to anything! But if by chance someone has a pokemon you'd like to do something with and you're far away from one another, the lovely Saber - she runs the Breeding Centre! - has agreed to let people use the BC as a staging area. And that's it on that count!

My third thing is rather a long way off - Francis and I were talking about parades, and how it would be neat if there were any, but since there's absolutely no way we'd pull it off in a short period of time, we were considering trying to do something for next Christmas? Oh, and in Kanto and Johto both. Basically we're at the stage of asking people what they think, and asking if anyone wants to be involved!

And I think that's - oh, no, wait! A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ren Jinguji - his birthday was on Valentine's! And everyone should be sure to say happy birthday to Sollux on the twenty-second! And that's really all I have, so I'll end this here.

[ Breeding applications + eggs. ]
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whens your birthday?
im curious
and how do you normally celebrate it at your home?

where im originally from we dont use years or months or any of these things as a time term
a sweep isnt even equivalent to a year
and you have one wriggling day a sweep
although theres not much you do on them compared to human parties which i think are more fun
i cant even begin to figure out how you would equate a wriggling day to a yearly thing anyway
so i just did what jake suggested and picked something else for fun

speaking of!
ive got a list now and since i need to get it to several people this seems appropriate
sans terezi nepeta equius gamzee the birthday calendar is as follows:
february 14 eridan ampora february 22 sollux captor march 25 aradia megido
april 13 john egbert and jane crocker august 31 kanaya maryam
september 21 or 22 karkat vantas because whichever is the equinox!
and then december 1 is jake english and jade harley
december 3 is strider day
and december 4 is lalonde day

so that crosses off everyone i know from home but i do not have the days of everyone i know here
thus this very important question!
if you dont have one we can pick one because this is exciting!

[ as always, if you respond in something else, Aradia will match you. ]

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